33 bellissimi auguri di San Valentino per il tuo partner

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Valentine’s Day is finally here ! The day of love and friendship, in which lovers share gifts and words of love to show how much they love each other. It is true that love is cultivated every day, but for many couples this day means a day of celebration, because a beautiful relationship deserves it. If you have a beautiful relationship with your partner, dedicate a few special words to your love for Valentine’s Day .

You can write him a love letter, leave him a note on the bed with a love phrase so that when he wakes up he finds a special surprise or send him some beautiful words by message. Remember that words are one of the ways to express love, since they communicate what we are feeling. If you want some inspiration, in Diario Femenino we leave you some beautiful Valentine’s greetings to dedicate to your partner and, some of them, with images! Are you going to miss it?

Beautiful congratulations to dedicate on Valentine’s Day

1 I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you. Happy day of love and friendship

This beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting inspired by the phrase of Gabriel García Márquez works both for a couple and to congratulate a friend or special friend, since in many countries February 14 is considered not only a day to celebrate love as a couple but love in general.

2 Love doesn’t make the world go round, love is what makes the journey worthwhile. I love you, honey

A beautiful phrase full of meaning that you can use with your partner if you feel identified with her. Surely he will value your feelings when you tell him with this phrase that you are life companions.

3 I love you! But it’s not so bad, it’s forever

A fantastic line of Poetic Action that anyone would melt with on Valentine’s Day. Dedicate it to your love along with a special gift.

4 If you don’t take long, I’ll wait for you my whole life. You’re the love of my life

For the most catchy lovers, this greeting is perfect, don’t you think?

5 My heart is perfect because you are inside it

When you know that someone is the love of your life and is an important part of your happiness, you have to remind them and value it, and what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day .

6 Happy Valentines! In dreams and in love there is no room for the impossible

If you are sure that love is the engine that moves your life, this greeting is the perfect one to dedicate to your love . How about?

7 A single minute with you is so precious that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You just make me happy, love. Happy Valentine’s Day

When spending time with your partner makes you feel special, as if butterflies are fluttering around you, then you are in love and you have to tell your partner on February 14 .

8 The smile is mine but the reason is you

Does your partner make you smile every day of your life? Then express it to her with these precious words on Valentine’s Day . You will love it.

9 My plan was not to fall in love, but you smiled at me and you blew it

The ideal phrase if it was difficult for you to commit but when you met that special person, you changed your mind. Show him how much that person means to you.

10 Never forget that your love is the best of gifts. I love you with all my heart

Adorable phrase, right? It is perfect to send it in a message or even tell it to your partner before opening your Valentine’s gift .

11 Let us now plant the seeds of love, that tomorrow we will reap the fruits of happiness

Healthy love, true love, always brings happiness to the lives of both members of the couple, and even those around them.

12 I want to wake up every day with you, because feeling this love is the most precious thing that has happened to me in life. I love you!

A romantic greeting for February 14 that will make your partner feel more in love than ever.

13 The perfect couple is not the one who never has problems, it is the one who, despite obstacles, always remains together

If you have gone through a difficult season full of obstacles, this phrase is the ideal one to congratulate this Valentine. It is important to say that the union means respect, as long as this remains the obstacles are overcome.

14 If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would like to use my last breath to say I love you!

When love is all for you and your partner is the engine of your life … It is true that this romantic greeting is a metaphor, obviously it is important to love yourself in order to love others.

15 Our love is magical, just by seeing your smile I feel like I’m in a fantasy world. Happy Valentines Day

Because when you meet that special someone, everything around you seems like a nice dream that you don’t want to wake up from.

16 I never imagined finding someone so special in my life, someone who would make me so happy, who would fill and give meaning to my life as you do. Happy Valentines Day!

Precious congratulations to your partner if you are aware of the good she does in your life and how lucky you are to have her close to you.

17 You are my dream, my light and my life. My love forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dedicate this precious congratulation to your partner to celebrate the day of your love together . A special day in which to say these kinds of things that you may not say to yourself at another time (or perhaps you will).

18 On your lips I found the most beautiful words that I always wanted to hear. In your heart I found the highest flames, with which I always dreamed of warming myself. May our relationship be eternal. I love you!

Do you want to express to your partner that you would like your relationship to continue and become a lasting relationship? This is the ideal phrase .

19 Valentine’s Day is just the excuse to celebrate our love, but I want you to know that I feel blessed every day to have you by my side. Congratulations Love!

Love is felt every day, it is constantly cared for and preserved with respect and communication. That is why it is important to tell your partner, tell her that you love her not only on Valentine’s Day, but every day of your life.

20 One of the most beautiful things in the world is finding someone who with just a little bit of their time improves your entire day. And that person is you. I love you!

Show your partner how special he is to you with this adorable phrase full of love, respect and positivity .

Famous Valentine’s greetings for your partner

Another option to congratulate your partner on Valentine ‘s Day is to use a famous phrase from a movie, a song, a poem, a famous person … These are words that remain in our hearts and that can accompany a greeting card along with some flowers or become the beginning of a romantic love letter. Get inspired.

21 All you need is love, love, love, is all you need

‘Love is all you need’, The Beatles

The chorus of the famous song by The Beatles could not be missing in this list of famous phrases to congratulate Valentine’s Day . We love!

22 You are in love when you realize that the other person is unique

Jorge Luis Borges

Beautiful phrase by the poet Borges with which you will make your partner feel unique and special .

23 Can you make up verbs? I want to tell you one: I love you, so my wings spread enormously to love you without measure

Frida Kahlo

Although today the love that Frida Kahlo lived with Diego Rivera could be considered toxic, the truth is that the painter left us famous phrases about love and its meaning as it is.

24 There are few of us who have enough courage to fall in love completely

‘Pride and Prejudice’, Jane Austen

A phrase from the mythical film that reminds us of the courage it takes to truly love a person . Long live love!

25 Quiet my life, I have broken with the past, a thousand caresses to tell you that a cat has seven lives. I have already burned six lives and I want to live the last one by your side

‘Seven lives’, Antonio Flores

The lyrics of this song are the perfect way to tell your partner how much you love him if you feel identified or identified with these words. They are beautiful, right?

26 Going without your love for life is like going to combat without music, like going on a journey without a book, like going through the sea without a star to guide us


Because if your partner is that person who complements you, guides your heart and makes your day to day happier, this phrase by the French writer is simply perfect.

27 The two holding hands, through the streets, and giving us a thousand kisses in every corner … I love you like this, just as you are

‘The two holding hands’, Alejandro Sanz

You can surely choose any phrase from Alejandro Sanz’s songs and they would serve to congratulate your love on Valentine’s Day.

28 How wonderful life is since I know you are in the world

‘Your song’, Elton John

Beautiful verse from the Elton John song that will make your love melt on Valentine’s Day. It’s inspiring, right?

29 Time is too slow for those who wait, too fast for those who fear, too long for those who mourn, too short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternity

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is undoubtedly the writer of love , as evidenced by this incredible phrase that you can use to congratulate your partner in an original and very romantic way.

30 Love is feeling that the sacred being beats within the loved one


Did you know that Plato was a romantic? With these words you will express to your partner how much you admire them.

31 Without you the emotions of today would be nothing more than the dead wrappings of those of yesterday

‘Amélie’, Jean-Pierre Jeunet

The famous phrase from the romantic movie Amélie is undoubtedly one of the favorites of any lover. Dedicate it to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

32 Want is a very weak word to describe what I feel. I love you, you know

‘Annie Hall’, Woody Allen

Do you want to declare yourself on Valentine’s Day? With this phrase from the famous Woody Allen movie you will make it incredible.

33 Come sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us

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