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Julian McMahon, born Julian Dana William McMahon, is an Australian actor and model. He is the son of a former Australian Prime Minister, Sir William McMahon, best known for his role as Christian Troy in the American medical drama Nip / Tuck.

Julian McMahon’s father, Sir William McMahon, was a member of the Australian House of Representatives and a 24-year-old high-ranking minister in the Liberal government. In 1971 he became the 20th Prime Minister of Australia.

Her mother is Lady McMahon (Sonia Hopkins), a socialite and fashion icon.

He has two brothers, an older sister, Melinda, and a younger sister, Deborah. Sir Billy died on March 31, 1988, aged 80, four months before Julian’s twentieth birthday, and Julian’s mother, Lady (Sonia) McMahon, she died of cancer, three years. days after the 22nd anniversary of her husband’s death, in Sydney on 2 April 2010, at the age of 77, with Julian and her two sisters at her bedside.


He was born on July 27, 1968 in Sydney, Australia. He is 50 years old in 2018.


It is 1.88 meters tall.


In January 1994 Julian McMahon married Dannii Minogue, an Australian pop star and former Home and Away, and divorced in mid-1995 after less than two years of marriage.

In 1999, he married former Baywatch star Brooke Burns, but they divorced in 2001. In 2014, he married his 11-year-old girlfriend, Kelly Paniagua, after a six-month engagement.


Julian McMahon Madison’s daughter Elizabeth McMahon was born on June 10, 2000, with ex-wife Brooke Burns.


Julian McMahon attended the private Sydney Grammar School, for boys only, and briefly studied law at the University of Sydney and economics at the University of Wollongong and dropped out to pursue a career as a model. He worked mainly in advertising. In 1987, he began print modeling assignments in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Rome and Paris.

His appearance in a TV commercial promoting jeans in his hometown made him popular enough to be cast as the lead in The Power, the Passion (1989), an Australian series similar to ‘Dynasty’. After 18 months on “The Power, The Passion,” Julian then joined the cast of Home and Away (1988), another successful Australian series, where he won the Best Actor award from a national magazine.

He was one of several cast members of Home and Away to star in a stage musical on the soap, which toured the UK in 1991. Julian McMahon’s first role on American television was in the daytime soap opera Another World, playing Ian Rain from 1993 to 1995.

He also played Dr. Michael Walsh in the 1996 film Magenta, Sheriff Hayes in In Quiet Night (aka You Belong to Me Forever) in 1998, George Simian in the psychological thriller Chasing Sleep in 2000, and David Cameron in the TV movie Another. Day in 2001.

From 1996 to 2000, Julian McMahon starred in all four seasons of the NBC drama Profiler as Agent John Grant. He joined the cast of WB’s hit supernatural show Charmed, playing the struggling half demon / half human Cole Turner from 2000 to 2003; returned for an episode in 2005.

From 1996 to 2000, he starred in all four seasons of the NBC drama Profiler as Agent John Grant. He joined the cast of WB’s hit supernatural show Charmed, playing the struggling half demon / half human Cole Turner from 2000 to 2003; returned for an episode in 2005.

Julian McMahon’s next role was playboy plastic surgeon Christian Troy in the FX series Nip / Tuck. He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Drama TV Series in 2005 for his performance.

During this time, Julian McMahon also played supervillain Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four, the 2005 film adaptation of the comic book series of the same name. The film was a box office success and McMahon reprized his role as Doom in the sequel in 2007.


  • 1992: wet and wild summer! like Mick Dooley
  • 1997: Magenta come Michael Walsh
  • 1998: In Quiet Night come Hayes
  • 2000: Chasing Sleep come George
  • 2004: Meet Market as Hutch
  • 2005: I Fantastici Quattro come Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom
  • 2007: Premonition come Jim Hanson
  • 2007: Prisoner as Derek Plato
  • 2007: Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer come Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom
  • 2010: RED as Robert Stanton
  • 2011: Faces in the Crowd come Sam Kerrest
  • 2012: Bait come Doyle
  • 2012: Fire with Fire come Robert
  • 2013: Paranoia come Miles Meechum
  • 2014: You’re not like Liam
  • 2018: Swinging Safari come Rick Jones
  • 2018: Monster Party come Patrick Dawson
  • 1989: Power, Passion as Kane Edmons
  • 1990-1991: Home and Away as Ben Lucini
  • 1992: GP as agent Colin Carmody
  • 1993: Another World as Ian Rain NBC
  • 1996-2000: Profiler come Detective John Grant
  • 1998: Will & Grace come Guy
  • 2000-2005: Charmed come Cole Turner
  • 2001: another day like David
  • 2003-2010: Nip / Tuck come Dr. Christian Troy
  • 2008: Robot Chicken come Dr. Doom / Newscaster
  • 2012: Rogue come Kevin Lear
  • 2013: Full Circle come Stanley Murphy
  • 2015: Childhood’s End come Rupert Boyce
  • 2016: Hunters like McCarthy
  • 2016: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency come Zackariah Webb
  • 2017-2018: Runaways as Jonah


Julian McMahon is an Australian actor who has an estimated net worth of $ 16 million.



Julian McMahon was interviewed about his film, premonition, because its theme is universal. He also reveals some of his continued involvement with the hit series Nip / Tuck and the upcoming summer blockbuster Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Interviewer: Premonition is a different type of film than many people might expect. It is much more intimate and psychological. What attracted you in the first place?

Julian McMahon: Exactly what you just said. Sandra Bullock was already attached when I received the script. But for me it was really about intimacy. When they sent me the script for the first time they said it was a psychological drama or a thriller and I thought, ‘This is it …’

But I was very touched when I read it. It is a very emotional film compared to what I expected. I was devastated by the script. I guess the best way to describe it is that I felt a lot. It was almost confusing, but when you get that kind of connection with something I think it means something, so when you get a chance to make it happen somehow, then it’s always okay.

Interviewer: As a father yourself, did you find particular scenes particularly exciting?

Julian McMahon: Are you a dad? Or married? What doesn’t connect? We’ve all been in a relationship, but the dad part still upsets me. Just the possibility of not being around for your child …

Interviewer: Sandra Bullock gives you a nice compliment in the film’s production notes, saying you got lost whenever you weren’t around and that you were ‘the joy, the energy and the spark’. How did you enjoy working with her on the Louisiana set?

Julian McMahon: I’m a huge Sandra fan. I’ve watched her films for a long time, seen her on the cover of countless magazines and being an aspiring actor, who wouldn’t want to work with her? So having the opportunity to work with her in the circumstances that we did was great. We went [to Louisiana] three weeks earlier and we all sat down at the table and threw away everything we wanted in view of what we thought, felt and wanted to achieve.

Most of the time you do this business and sometimes we pretend we’re all easy and lucky and we go in and perform. But the reality is that you have to do your job and maybe you don’t know everything. Maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m doing! But most of the time you can’t even admit it, though. On this set, we took the liberty of doing it every day. And so on the inside I think you know someone in an extraordinarily intimate way that you may not even know with your partner or wife. It was almost as if I had gone to therapy.

Interviewer: I guess it’s a matter of putting all your trust in the people you work with.

Julian McMahon: You always do, but at the same time you don’t always feel like you have a safety net. I never felt like I didn’t have it here. We have not always agreed. I was always making things up, but I never felt I couldn’t get them out. I’ve always been supported in some way. It wasn’t always used but they looked at it and I never felt like an idiot.

Interviewer: And the concept behind the film, have you done any research on the subject of premonitions?

Julian McMahon: I never even thought about it. I love the name, Premonition, but I didn’t even conceptualize it and once I read the script I didn’t even think it was more than that. For me it was a love story and the premonition part was left on the first page of the script and I never reevaluated it until I started promoting the film.

So what is a premonition? It is when you feel something before it actually happens. I believe it? Yes. Did I have one? Nothing noteworthy. I believe in all of this kind of thing.

Interviewer: No particularly bad dreams, like the character played by Sandra Bullock?

Julian McMahon: No one who has come to any kind of fruition in any way. If I had one, I’m sure I’d be able to remember it and tell you about it now [laughs].

Interviewer: What was it like shooting in Louisiana so soon after Hurricane Katrina?

Julian McMahon: I loved him. It was a very touching time and a beautiful time to be there – I almost hate to say it. But Hurricane Katrina had just arrived and the devastation it left behind was extraordinary, so here are these people rebuilding their lives.

Whenever I felt like I was in a bad mood, all I had to do was look around on set and see this stoic ability to move on and get on with your life – not the hard way; they were happy people who had lost everything. Some had lost friends and family, others had lost their homes, their IDs, every photo they had ever had, everything … that could make you sit and cry for a year, but that was months later.

It was just one of those moments where you just look at yourself. It all became an integral part of the film in a way because it was a true evaluation of yourself. That saying ‘take just a second to smell the roses’ was really applicable. A lot of times you go through life and forget to stop and say, ‘This is cool.’ Or: ‘I’m lucky, I love the people in my life and I love what I’m doing.’ This film gave me the opportunity to do it in a big way.

Interviewer: And I guess it was a welcoming environment because they wanted you there?

Julian McMahon: They wanted us there. Louisiana people are a great breed of people and they have great food!

Interviewer: You must be really happy with how your career is going, with Nip / Tuck and with the move to cinema. Do you feel like it’s going according to plan?

Julian McMahon: If it’s a plan, it’s pretty broad and broad. I believe things happen for a reason. But at the same time my real mission is to keep working in this industry with the scripts I like, the characters that challenge me and the people I admire.

It can be someone like Sandy or a great director like Mennan Yapo. Or even just a guy who just finished college. It’s a big deal when you’re in it, and the ability to do things that surprise you is always evident. For me, it’s just about challenging myself – that’s the most important thing – and taking care of my child and paying my bills.

Interviewer: Are you still part of Nip / Tuck’s future?

Julian McMahon: Oh yeah, I have two more years left on my contract and at least I’ll fulfill them. We will see what happens next.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a little about your involvement in the Fantastic Four sequel?

Julian McMahon: Doctor Doom comes back and is pissed that he was melted and frozen and sent away in a coffin for a long cruise. So when he comes back he’s embittered and twisted. To me it’s kind of like the Dr Doom I know from cartoons and comics.

He’s always been a bit different once we put him in the movie than I thought he was. But his whole thing was: ‘Take control of the universe, own it all, destroy the Fantastic Four and manipulate anyone’s powers if you can.’ So that’s what it does.


Updated on: August 2, 2018

The CW’s Charmed reboot is expected to debut this fall with a brand new trio of actresses – Madeline Mantock, Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery – who harness the power of the three. Jane The Virgin’s Jennie Snyder Urman is behind this reimagining of Constance M. Burge’s popular WB series, which has already received some thoughtful criticism from Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty, and ultimately, the blessing of Rose McGowan (Alyssa Milano just seems nostalgic).

As Phoebe’s diabolical ex-husband, Julian McMahon had a recurring role in the original series, as well as great chemistry with its leads. Now he’s looking to take the world by storm with Marvel’s Runaways, whose set The AV Club visited this week as part of the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour. When asked about his thoughts on the reboot, which has a more inclusive cast, McMahon admitted he hadn’t heard of it. ‘I didn’t really know what was going on, just because I had my head in the sand a little bit,’ said McMahon, pointing to the top-secret lair and [REDACTED] around us.

McMahon wasn’t asked to appear in the reboot somehow, but wishes Urman and the new cast luck:

It looks like it’s going to be great. The original incarnation was really cool, and I was really, really proud to be a part of it. And you know, I wouldn’t change it for the world. If they’re rebooting something like this, it had such a large audience to begin with, so I can see how, if you did it right, you could tap into that again. There is an equally large audience to tap into now. I love girls, I loved my character. So, if they can create something that people like as much as they did then, then hats off to them.

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